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The idea of edzest was born out of the need for providing high-quality study materials at nominal fees. We continuously work with experts across industries to keep the contents of our courses relevant. The Program is loaded with features for studying, practicing, analysing, and revising, to help you not only pass the exam in first attempt but also become a better Project Manager.

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Steer away from rote based learning and get trained through exchange of ideas, within your cohort and with the trainer. Utilise the benefits of focused studies with our free Strength Tracker Application to help you identify your gaps and continuously measure & report your development.


Once you come to edzest, you would not need to go anywhere else. We will provide everything you need to pass the exam: Training programs, Full-course book, Automated and Instructor led revision programs, Tests, Quizzes, 1-1 sessions with the trainer, and more...


Prepare for your exams without worrying about money. We charge less than half of what other training programs do. That's because we have developed everyhting in-house: from Website, to Application, to Course contents, and rely on satisfied customers like you for our marketing. We save our costs and share the benefits with you.


All the options are designed to keep the level of engagement high throughout the course.

Start with free modules and study materials to build a solid foundation, and proceed to choose interactive classes or recorded modules as per your convenience.

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Modules Time Price
(incl. taxes)
M-1: Build a strong foundation
  • Introduction to course
  • Exam content and structure
  • Projects, Phases, and Project Management
  • Projects in business environment
8 hrs.
M-2: Knowledge area and Process groups
  • Integration and Scope management
  • Schedule, Cost, and Quality management
  • Risk, Resource, and Communication management
  • Procurement and Stakeholder management
16 hrs.
INR 3,500
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M-3: Agile and Hybrid Methodology
  • Relevance with Exam Content Outline by PMI
  • Project tailoring
  • Introduction to Agile & hybrid
  • Implementing Agile
16 hrs.
INR 4,000
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M-4: Bonus Modules
  • Exam-day readiness guidelines
  • Industry expert/Successful candidate Information session
4 hrs.
Total 44 hrs. INR 7,500
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